Interdependent Cell Organization

The Interdependent Cell Organization (ICO) is a network-centric organization, with several distinguishing factors which makes it different from other organizational structures.

An Interdependent Cell Organization is formed by a coming together of individual cells, of which each cell is supporting the vision or dream - which is the reason of getting together: to manifest the dream. It can lead to an organization which lives a long time (starting as a startup), but can also be an organization with a short life-span in case of a project.

In the Interdependent Cell Organization a cell is autonomous. A cell is a human being, an individual and is self-employed or invested. When the cell is self-employed, the stakes are higher than in the traditional setting of being employed. The self-employed is committed and has significant interest in the outcome of the venture, more so by default than an employee. The venture of an ICO can be a project, which is a short lived form of an ICO, or it can lead to a startup. After the project the ICO is resolved into individual independent cells again, stand-by to form another organization.

Being aligned to sufficient degree with the organization's mission and vision is the most important in the ICO. When there's no alignment, one should not be part of the ICO in question.

Key principles of an Interdependent Cell Organization and cells within it, are:

  • Contact over contract
  • Being in alignment with mission and vision
  • Being engaged
  • Authenticity and uniqueness are celebrated
  • The only invested stakeholders are the cells which are part of the organization

Organite is working with the Interdependent Cell Organization model to be able to reach for high levels of agility. The ICO model enables organizations to be adaptable more easily to changes in the inner and outer environment.

Using the ICO model, the mission of Organite isn't just exclusively linked to one company or organization. Rather the opposite, i.e. the movement and mission (leading to the vision) are more important and can more easily be spread via the network, unhindered by exclusion.

Are you resonating with the sound coming from Organite and its vision and mission? Do you see a potential match between what you have to offer and what Organite is offering? Are you interested in becoming part of the movement by joining as cell in the Interdependent Cell Organization model? Get in touch!

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