Catch your big dreams

The importance of dreaming big

Dreaming big is the antidote for conformity and uniformity. Dreaming big is important for organizations as well as for individuals. Big dreams inspire to take action.

The dreaming leader

The primary and maybe even sole purpose of the organizational leader is to inspire and to envision. Dreaming big is paramount for inspiring leaders. The bigger the dream and the more that dream is embodied by believing in the dream, the more inspiring the leader will be.

Maybe that is one of the reasons why Elon Musk is successful and receiving much attention: he dreams big and he beliefs in those big dreams to be experienced in the here and now. He doesn't consider those as just fancy imaginations. It doesn't just stay in the world of (meaningless) imaginations, but he pulls that vision from the imagination into the realm of reality.

The power of imagination

He takes the power of imagination seriously and regards the envisioned landscapes arising from imagination as realistic future landscapes to be experienced (in reality) - opposed to powerless and meaningless fancies. Believing in big dreams takes courage. Believing in something which isn't believed by most takes courage but also inspires the most.

The more the dream (and believe in the dream) is out there, the higher potential there is for inspiration. Actions which are taken towards realizing a dream become ever more so inspired when the dream to be realized is grand. Having faith that every action is leading to the realization of the envisioned future landscape is motivating and inspiring.

That's what we can learn from Elon Musk - to dream big dreams, believe in our dreams to be experienced in the here and now and to take actions accordingly, having faith in the dream to be realized.

It is inspiring to meet someone who believes in a dream and who takes actions towards realizing that dream. The higher a dream is embodied in someone, the more that person has the potential to inspire others. And to bigger the dream, the higher the potential inspiration to be conveyed.

The big dream

Dreaming big goes beyond conventionality and current paradigms. Dreaming within the confinements of conventionality and current paradigms only results in small dreams and those are not that inspiring, and cannot be that inspiring. More of the same doesn't inspire much. Only unconventionality has the potential for inspiration. The further away a dream is from conventionality or the current paradigm, the higher potential for inspiration.

Inspiration is a strong motive force and is invaluable to leverage within organizations and individuals. The vision of the organization is the prime motivator for people to jump on board, besides materialistic motivations. Its therefore of primary significance to have a inspiring vision, which is well-known and supported by all parts of the organization. The more the organization as a whole is inspired, the stronger and more powerful the organization is and the more successful it will be in carrying out its mission, leading to the realization of its vision. Therefore, dreaming big becomes of utmost importance.

Dream big in order to form inspiring visions to kindle the power from within!

What is your big dream?

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