The name organite is a blend of organization and ignition, and signifies what Organite is aiming for: igniting your organization! Ignition as a metaphor to give your organization a boost, a stimulant to thrive using inner strength and uniqueness - not to set your organization actually on fire...

Organite as organization and movement

Organite is guiding organizations and individuals to reach their unique strength and potential. With true agility the inherent authenticity and unique expression is reawakened and empowered. True agility requires a different mode of thought and philosophy than the consensus world view. True agility requires an inside-out approach, taking as starting point that all manifestations are effects of immaterial substance, where our role as active observers is of prime significance.

The inside-out approach is opposed to outside-in, e.g. instead of taken what is outside as starting point for behavioral change (outside-in), what is inside is taken at starting point. At what is inside is ungraspable and indefinable, which makes it rather intangible and unpredictable - but all the more real.

With true agility you are reaching your unique strength as individual and as organization. Organite is assisting you to ignite your organization by becoming more authentic, original, unique and harmonious. In order to let you thrive!

Organite is powered by agility, mental acuity, mindfulness and conscious awareness. These aspects are cultivated by an attitude of continuous improvement and growth, by keeping a keen listening ear to the silence from inside. Combining spiritual practice and practical practice.

Interdependent Cell Organization

Organite is using the Interdependent Cell Organization (ICO), a model which is network-based and leveraging the dynamic nature of a network. People working in the ICO are independent and self-employed.  When an individual (a "cell" in the ICO) is self-employed opposed to being employed in the traditional sense, the stakes are high: the individual has major interest in the outcome of the venture (which can be a project, or a company).

On of the key principles in an ICO is contact over contract. Using the ICO model, the mission of Organite isn't just exclusively linked to one company. Rather the opposite, i.e. the movement and mission (leading to the vision) are more important and can more easily be spread via the network.

Are you resonating with the sound coming from Organite and its vision and mission? Do you see a potential match between what you have to offer and what Organite is offering? Are you interested in becoming part of the movement by joining as cell in the Interdependent Cell Organization model? Get in touch!


Organite envisions a world which is centered around a radical different paradigm than the consensus and present paradigm of reality. In this vision essential characteristics of our innate being are the standard. These characteristics are among others, being limitless, boundless and free. Without any hindrance, taking these characteristics as a matter of course and as foundation of the world we are experiencing, this will result in life being experienced quite differently than we are at present.

In this vision there is no Organite, not as organization nor movement. Actually there are no organizations, companies, governments, institutions, i.a. at all in this vision. Life as will be experienced in this vision will be akin to life experienced in a dream when awake in the dream, with the major difference that everybody is awake and aware of the dream-like nature of our collective experienced reality.

Outer changes and manipulations of fabric in this vision's reality is exclusively performed by (collective) imagination. Shapes arise out of the substance-less substance by our active participation by imagining the thing to be materialized.

In this vision, possibilities are boundless. Just as we are in essence: boundless and infinite. What can we imagine?


In order to experience the aforementioned vision in the here and now, movement is needed from the here and now to get there. To experience the vision in the here and now, the movement should be utilizing and pointing towards the essential characteristics of that vision. And being truly agile is just about that, to be our unique self - as individual and organization - and to empower and leverage that uniqueness in order to thrive on whatever level imaginable.  This takes an inward focus, opposed to a more outwardly focus, the mode most of us are used to. Not taking outer conditions or circumstances as starting point in order to create (which is evolution) but taking the concept imagined as starting point (leading to creation).

As such, the mission of Organite is: Guiding organizations and individuals to be in conscious alignment with their authentic nature in order to thrive and to reach ever grander future vistas.

When the mission is accomplished, Organite will be no more. But we, the people, will be more alive than ever before!

About the founder

Organite is not a person, not a living human being, but I am, going with the name Wilfred Belo. Organite is the name of the organization or movement and I find it important to let my authentic voice be heard. To be closer to the initial motive of the movement by using authentic language, instead of distant and more abstract use of language when the organization as more abstract entity is giving a voice. In order to be more agile and allow for more agility myself.

wilfred profile picture - About

While gaining experience in life I became aware of some qualities, tools or skills at my disposal. Qualities which I didn't recognize as such, or as special or unique, before. During my 10 year experience in the Information Communication Technology industry, I've had the opportunity to embody a plethora of roles and responsibilities, among which: software developer, team lead, technical architect, quality assurance, project manager, continuous builds & integration and deployment, DevOps specialist, Scrum Master, agile coach, architect of change. Different things and yet very similar in essence.

I found out that I tend to become bored quickly with a specific environment where repeating activities are being demanded. The underlying reason for feeling bored is due to the observation that I tend to see patterns, dynamics and boundaries within a certain environment or context with acuteness. The elephant in the room isn't safe with me around. My talent is to see what is working and what isn't, pointing this out with direct and clear language and igniting the change leading to growth on whatever scale. I tend to energize when triggering positive change and not as much when carrying out or implementing the change. The latter being an aspect which other people other than myself are more enthusiastic about. I as much want to restrict my activities to the ones which are energizing to me. Luckily those things are also the things at which I'm best (as it is with you)!

During my sabbatical of almost three years, I decided to integrate the experiences in life (be it work, travels, private life or self-realization) into services I have to offer to the world. One of the practical manifestations of this is organite. Organite as movement and ideal to let organizations be ignited by pointing organization in the right direction. Ignition as metaphor for the enthusiasm we all now, which can be compared with an inner kindling of a fire. As an organization to thrive on all levels (money flow, happiness inside the organization and all effected life outside the organization, abundance, harmony, e.a.) it is of prime significance to get in touch with the inner motive of the organism, which is an endeavour on individual and organizational level.

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