True Agility Incubator Program

With the True Agility Incubator Program, Organite guides you to become truly agile. Not by implementing agile methodologies or frameworks, but by finding your unique way - using true agile principles.

This program is not for every organization because it is unconventional and experimental. This program is non-proven as there is no reference in being truly agile and there can't be. Only you know for yourself when you are truly agile.

Regardless whether your organization is already agile-mature or not, this program will lift you higher when you are ready. Organite guides you in the process of becoming truly agile, in order to thrive as organization. Becoming truly agile takes courage, determination, will and authority - your own authority. Organite therefore can't make you become truly agile, only you can. Organite solely guides you in this process.

This program is not an implementation project of agile methodologies or frameworks, which is an outside-in approach because the externally adapted methods are leading. These implementation projects are far from being agile themselves. True Agility is something different - it moves from the inside-out and leverages the uniqueness of each individual and organization to boost creative approaches and solutions to challenges. True agility is not so much predictable as it is empowering, leading to originality and authenticity.

The True Agility Incubator Program aims at inducing true agile characteristics from the inside-out. Reawakening ownership, authority and inspiration in each part of your organization by breaking previously accepted boundaries and compartmentalization and inducing agile thought. Agile thinking is primary. Agile thinking leads to agile embodiment. The rest follows when agile is inherent in everything your organization does - not when agile is just an "add-on".

The biggest contributor of the True Agility Incubator Program is not Organite, but you - your organization as a whole. This program is different at each and every organization. There might be similarities, but the beauty is that the contents of this program is build primarily by your organization, with help and guidance from Organite.

This program induces changes to let your organization achieve higher levels of agility. The actual changes are made by, and from within, your organization - with volition, authority and ownership. Only apparent changes which are the result of an inside-out movement will stick and evolve. It's not about the change, but about the process of change.

The True Agility Incubator Program explores among others the following areas:


Where are we at the moment? 

What is the current narrative of your organization? What are the stories told from different areas in your organization? What are the cliches, sayings and proverbs of your organization?

Answers to these questions give much insight into the inner workings and the dynamics of your organization. The recurring words or contextual proverbs - the specific language being used - also give a lot of insight into behavioral patterns.


Where does your organization want to go? Where does the individual want to go? To what extent are these aligned across your organization?

The more parts are aligned with the vision of your organization, the stronger the motivation/power and the higher the chance of realizing that vision in the here and now.


Using the concept of mastermind groups within your organization, the spirit of harmony is kindled and creative ideas and approaches will arise. Mastermind groups are an excellent methods to work on your organization.


Open flow of information within your organization is important and essential for higher levels of agility. Being transparent about why and what is being done on every level of your organization.


Higher levels of agility are incompatible with control and hierarchy. Moving from hierarchy to a flat structure also entails being responsible at the individual level for the decisions being made and the course your organization is heading. Less hiding and more visibility also asks for maturity. How to transition best to a situation of empowerment is organization-dependent.

Are you ready to explore and grow as organization and individual by becoming truly agile? Get in touch!

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